Blog Piracy is very common nowadays and this is the problem of most of blogger like us since there are other bloggers out there who are merely looking for an opportunity to copy content from others. Well, this is not good since this is piracy – a form of plagiarism. The tendency now is sometimes the one who stole the content often get the credit over the good article. This is painful on your part being a writer who spent time thinking of what to put into your blog.

In this article I will be teaching you how to avoid duplication of your blog articles by Disabling Drag and Drop for your blog. This will help you to stop duplication of your blog articles without permissions but take note that you cannot totally avoid article duplication, at least you have lessened the occurrence. 

How to Disable Drag and Dop for Bloggers Blog

You can also do Disabling Text Selections and Disabling Right Click on Images options on your blog that may also help you prevent your useful articles from getting copied by others. Prevention is better than cure, so let’s prevent our blog post duplicated as early as possible. You can disable drag and drop for both text and image by adding the following event handler to the html element of your blog.

To disable drag and drop inside Blogger posts, follow these steps below: 
  • Go to Template > Edit HTML and click anywhere inside the editor. 
  • Press Ctrl+F (Cmd+F in Mac), and a search box should appear on the upper right corner of the editor. 
  • Use the search box to jump to this code: <b:includable id='post' var='post'>
  • Next, click the arrow tip on the left of that line to expand the code. Once expanded, the second line should look something like this:

  • Insert the event handlers into the tag like this: 

(onselectstart='return false' is added to disable text selection in IE9 and below.) 

Once you already applied these settings you must try to view your blog post then do the Drag and Drop on your blog post image to see if the settings is already functioning.

Note: If you have further questions and suggestions about how to disable drag and drop in your blog, just post comment below, thanks 
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