In this article I will show you how to adjust the margins and paddings of the sidebar widgets and posts in blogger blogs to make it look neat and can maximize your blog space. You may look for a blogger template with rightly placed sidebar widgets for you to use, but this may take a lot of time. Instead I will show you a technique that you can apply and I am sure you will love doing this often.

You may find one template like the one that I have mentioned, but you may not be happy with its other parts. So, one way to solve this is to tweak the sidebar widget distance yourself. And by tweaking, you will be able to customize your blog widgets with the right size, just enough to be put into your blog.

Here's How to Adjust Borders and Paddings of Widgets

Always download a backup copy of your template before doing anything or use a test blog as i can not be held responsible if you mess your blog up.

As you can see, the browser has added space at the bottom of the sidebar widgets. In CSS, this space is called "margins" and "paddings" now the following CSS code is where the sidebar widgets and the main post get their margins and padding's from

as you can see it is using the shorthand property which sets all padding's and margin properties the first part of the value 0 is assigned to margin-top from there it's clockwise 0 is assigned to margin-right 1.5em is assigned to margin-bottom, and the margin-left is inherited from the margin-right which is set at 0 you could of just wrote the above CSS code like the following

I prefer the first method now if you do not want to adjust the main 
widgets padding or margin just replace the above CSS code with the code 

now change the padding of the sidebar widget's to whatever you need here's an example

Now you can play about with the margin's and padding's on your blog i hope you find this helpful and don't forget to leave your comment below. thanks
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