Infolinks is one of the advertising networks which is a good alternative for Adsense. For those who are so frustrated with Adsense because of difficulty in terms of applying, they resort to Infolinks. Here is an article that will help you understand Infolinks more in simple ways.

How can I earn money in Infolinks?

It is easy to determine in a particular site where among the available ads are from Infolinks. And in my opinion, Infolinks has the most beautiful ads because it highlights text itself that is very attractive in the eyes of the readers. Once you have these ads in your account, you are bound to generate revenue as long as your site is functioning well. You cannot choose which among your texts will be highlighted because it is inofolink’s discretion what to highlight. If these highlighted texts are clicked, you will earn.

How to become an Infolinks member?

First of all, I would like to tell you that Infolinks is free of charge. Here is an easy to follow procedure in creating Infolinks account.

1. Make your personal Infolinks account and if you are comfortable using your social media account such as facebook, you can make use of it.

2. Fill up the form, get the code and paste it to your site. You will be instructed where to place it. You need to see to it that you have placed it where Infolinks would like you to put it.

3. Wait for 48 hours for your account to be approved. You will know if you are approved already because the ads are visible in your pages.

4. When you login to your admin panel, click on Login > Publisher. This can be found on the homepage of Infolinks.

5. When you are approved as one of the publishers of Infolinks, you can start customizing your dashboard panel and the rest is for you to discover. The good thing about Infolinks is that it has a dashboard that is easy to manage.
Infolinks is easy to customize
As what I have said, Infolinks is very easy to manage, it is very customizable in the sense that you will get to choose among the several programs provided by the adnetwork and place it in your site. It means to say that you have a control of what you are going to allow in your page.

How much can we earn in Infolinks?

 The amount of money that you will earn in Infolinks depends on your effort and the performance of your site. There are people who earn $50 to $100 every month or higher. There is no limit to what you can earn and I would like you to know that it depends upon your site traffic. The higher the traffic of your site is, the higher is the chance for you to earn. This is the reason why as much as possible, you have to work out your site. You will not earn if you do nothing.

Making your first Infolinks payout

In making your payout, make sure that you have earned a minimum of 50$ as a publisher. The amount will be accumulated in your site as you earn each day. That will be added together until you reach the amount. The key here is patience. You should be patient with what you do. You have to desire to become successful in Infolinks by putting your words into action because you cannot earn if you are procrastinating. There are success stories that you can read online that has something to do with Infolinks.

Note: If you need further help regarding this matter, just post your comment below, I will be glad to assist you. Thanks!
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