Remove Subscribe to Posts Atom from your Blogger
Most Blogger templates have a "subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link, so that the blog visitors can subscribe to the Atom feeds easily. Considering the fact that many readers use RSS for their blog feeds, many of you could find this link pretty useless and you might be thinking of this too Moreover it occupies space at the bottom of the template and it doesn't look nice at all. In this case you might want to remove it with one of my Useful Blogging Tips in this blog.

As you know, some seems unnecessary options in default blogger templates and you have to know exactly what are necessary to put.They are not excrescent parts of your blog though they cannot be customized effectively as we want. You can get many beautiful widgets and sharing plugins for your blog instead of them.

They have been added hovering effects and many effects that can attract more visitors. Default Blogger Social Sharing buttons and Subscribe to posts (atom) link are the most searchable keywords by newbie bloggers who want to remove those two widgets from their blog. You might see that Subscribe to posts (atom) link at the bottom of every blog post. adds this link in every blog. It shows podcast feeds of posts in your blog. URL of Subscribe to posts is similar to this. In this tutorial I will teach you how to remove this subscribe to post atom and I’m pretty sure you will love this tutorial because you want to get rid of those.

Here's how to Remove Subscribe to Posts Atom from your Blogger

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML (click on Proceed button if needed)

Step 2. Select "Expand Widget Templates"

Step 3. Find (CTRL + F) this line:

<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/

Step 4. Remove it and Save Template.

This should remove subscribe to: posts (atom) link.

Note: If you need further help about removing Subscribe to Post Atom, please post comment below.. Thanks
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