Use Asychronous Code of Adsense For Faster Browsing Experience

The update of Google Adsense asynchronous ad code is a fully asynchronous version of the AdSense ad code that offers improved web latency and a better user experience for your site’s visitors. The advantage of the asynchronous code is that it's guaranteed never to get in the way of other parts of your web page loading.

This is good to make use of for the sake of the site. I appreciate Google for this because this is pro readers and not just for the sake of the ads that are placed on the site. Google is updating for the better and I can say that the future of its ad unit Adsense is clearer. This unit is widely used by many publishers around the world and is certainly the number one ad unit in the entire cosmos.

The use of this means that users will be able to load the content of your pages even if they’re having trouble loading the ads and the like. Mobile users in particularly will enjoy less latency when loading web pages, I will teach you on how to use this and the proper placing of codes in your blogs. You will surely learn a lot from this post.

Here's how to Use Asynchronous Code of Adsense For Faster Browsing Experience

Placing the Adsense Asynchronous Script [you'll only do this once in all your ads]

Step 1. Login with Blogger Dashboard

Step 2Go to Template >Edit HTML>add this script just before the </head>
Step 3. Generate ad codes on your Adsense Dashboard replace your old codes

Step 4. Copy all the code and relace your existing code

As it is already place in step 1 Now enjoy the latest update of Adsense Fast and Easy loading for better browsing experience.

Note: If you have further questions and suggestions about using asynchronous Code of adsense, just post comment below. Thanks 
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  1. asan yung code boss di ko makita hehehe.,

    1. nasa adsense dashboard mo po ang code, bali guide lang po to.hehe