Color Picker Codes
With the use of Color Picker Codes online tool, you can select the colors that want to use in your web page or blog post. This sounds good news to those who are artistic with their blog posts and web pages. There are individuals who like it simple and there are others who like it colorful. So, if color is your problem, here is the solution.

Firs, your browser must have JavaScript enabled in order to use this tool. If enabled, use the middle multi-color scroll bar to scroll up or down to the color you want. This is one of the several Blog Tools that can be found on this blog. I am not the one who created this tool and I would like to tell you that we are free to use and distribute this tool as long as we won't modify the signature or the author.

If you wish to have a copy of this useful tools just contact us using our contact page here. You will surely enjoy using this tool for your blog whether you are a blogger or website owner. If you have any question on how to use this though it is already explained in this article, care to contact us. We are pleasured to serve you.

Here's how to Use Color Picker

1. Drag the black bar on the "Hue" selector to generate the desired base color.
 2. Next double click inside the Brightness/Saturation grid to activate the cursor.
Drag it until the desired brightness is achieved.  The "Swatch" bar shows you the final color result.
 3. The hex color code is generated at the bottom of the grid in the "Hex" box.
 Simply copy and paste the code into your page


Next...Choose a Color Scheme! Once you have your hex color value from the chart above, copy and paste it
 (without the #) into the form below the color wheel and it will generate a matching color scheme for your website.
 This is a great tool to use if you're trying to come up with cohesive colors for your navigation, background,
hyperlinks, etc. Remember, it's best to choose 3-4 colors max and use them consistently
throughout your website. It will make it look more cohesive.

If you have some trouble in using this Color Picker Code tools just post your comment below, thanks
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