What is Yovia? Is This Legit? Try to read about Yovia and decide for yourself. Your knowledge with earning money online depends on how you spend time learning about the different programs and here is another one. You should know the background of Yovia first before trying so that you can see for yourself if it is legit or not. This is also a way to answer the queries above.

Yovia was founded in 2008 as a research project designed to answer one question: What causes 'viral' on the web. This is one of many Earning Money Online opportunities out there.  The good thing about Yovia is its being unique. Actually, when you visit the official site of Yovia and learn about them, you will also learn a lot of ideals.

Well, so much for that “ideal” thing and I know that you would like to earn money online with this. And my part now is to let you understand a lot of things about Yovia. I am sure you will never regret you landed on this page because your eyes will be opened to another great way of earning money online. Let us start learning now. Prepare your cup of coffee.

Yovia Influencers
  • Real people of all shapes and sizes who stand ready to spread the word. Sponsors
  • Brands, causes and businesses who need a message spread Opportunities
  • Specific, targeted crowd sourced assignments provided to Influencers by Sponsors who pay for action in the form of cash, merchandise, recognition and even good karma.

yovia payment proof

yovia payment proof


How to Register/Join?

Step 1: Visit HERE or Click the image below to Register

Step 2:  The page will show like the image blow, Select "I am an Influencer and would like to EARN"

Step 3: You will be redirected to facebook page and you need to login your facebook account then the image below will show, just click OKAY on the same pop-up

Step 4:  Fill up the form with your real details, make sure to input your real paypal email- the working one, because it is not easy to change that after your account is already activated.

 Step 5:  Then you can start earning now, just click "Claim and Share this"

The page will show like the image below after claiming it..

You can see same as the image showing below on the lower right of the page, just click one by one those images that have YOVIA in it because that's where you can earn money just by claiming it.

or you can click the NEXT OPPORTUNITY to see the offer one by one

Resister now to start earning with less effort, click the image below


You can notice the MINIMUM PAYOUT is 50USD right? that was a crap, even if you have only  0.65usd or 1usd they send the payment every 10th of the month. It means that your earnings will be sent out to your paypal even if it is below 50usd-the so said minimum payout. try to see the below images for 1usd payments.

Try it for yourself and Earn Easy Money 

Disclaimer: You may not be successful on this earning opportunity, but it is really worth trying, give yourself a chance. Earn...Earn

Note: If you have further questions and suggestions just post comment below, thanks 
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