How to Divide Header In Two Parts or Sections in Blogspot BlogA header consists of every single part that appears at the top of your blog. This is often the very first thing that every visitor notice when arriving at your page. You may want to make your header look presentable and professional to add more confidence to your reader’s impression with your blog or site. It is a container which comprises two important parts which are Logo piece where the title is added, logo and recount of blog and the second piece encompasses Navigation list where you add location links.

Now this tutorial needs a little bit of your careful vigilance as we will need to edit your template's coding for you to be able to Divide Header in Two Parts successfully.  This has been a struggle of those who would like to master this kind of skill. Since most templates are designed by distinct causes so the cipher will disagree a little bit but the format would be identical. Glimpse the image underneath to understand what exactly is header splitting:

That is what we are about to do in order to create a separate widget section for your advertisement purposes. Normally we often add a 468 by 60 size banner to the right side and we therefore need a widget section for it.

Here's How Split your blog's Header in two parts

1. Go to Blogger > Design > Edit HTML Backup your template
2. Uncheck the "Expand Widget Templates" box if in case it is checked.
3. Search for the following code:

NOTE: You code will be not an exact but similar to the above one. Select all code that contains the word "#header" ".header" at start.

4. Now replace this entire code with the following code below..
5. Now search for this code or a similar code that must contain div section of your header:

It must contain the tags.
6. Now replace this with the following code:
7. Save your template and view your Page elements page
*To adjust header width edit search: 960px then replace with your desired witdh
*To change Header Title colour change the code #BF0100 with the color you want
*To change Header description colour then change #3B3B3B with the color you want
Note: If you have further questions and suggestions just post comment below, thanks 
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