How to display blogger widget on homepage only? How can I show widgets only on sub pages? How can I hide widgets on Static pages? How to show widgets on chosen pages in blogger? These are just some of the questions about organizing your widgets and site pages that you need an answer.

To respond to all these queries, today’s tutorial is something interesting. It is actually significant to command widget brandish in Blogger. Some widgets are intended for homepage only while some makes sense when you display them at your Contact sheets, About Me sheets or static sheets.
So how do we actually do this? The knack is actually simple. You just need to surround your widgets with few pieces of ciphers. So that it permits jumping straight on how to manage widgets on different sheets in blogger. Managing your widgets will give you the kind of look that you desire for your blog. There are bloggers who would rather have their homepages packed with so many widgets and there are some who would rather have less.

Whatever is your desire, you can manage this with proper knowledge on this topic. Well, let us start with the tutorial.

Its often the HTML/JavaScript widget that is widely utilized for adding your customized widgets to Blogger and its mostly this widget that desires to be effortlessly organised. Since you often paste some widget cipher inside HTML/JavaScript widgets so the only additional thing that you need to do in alignment to command widget’s brandish is to surround that cipher between two parts of cipher as shown in each command ciphers below, 

How To Control Blogger’s Official Widgets?
The same procedure can be applied to Blogger’s official widgets like About Me, Archives, Poll etc. For controlling that widgets do this,

Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
Backup your template
Check the Expand Widgets Templates Box
Search for the title of the widget you want to control
The code for the widget will look something similar to this one,

On finding the title in place of WIDGET-TITLE-HERE you will find two similar codes like those I have shown in bolded blue 
  You just need to add the Controlling codes in the following manner. 
For  example if you wish to show a widget at Homepage only then do this,
Just Place the Controlling code  ex.(<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>) Right after <b:includable id='main'> and the closing tag(</b:if>) just before </b:includable>

How to Show Widgets Only On Homepages?
Simply enclose the code inside HTML/JavaScript widget between these lines,
Where WIDGET CODE GOES HERE is the code of the widget you want to show or hide.
How to Hide Widgets On Homepages?
Same procedure here,
How To Show Widgets Only On Static Pages?

How To Hide Widgets On Static Pages?

How To Show a Widget On a Selected Post Only?

How To Hide a Widget On a Selected Post?

Note: If you have further questions and suggestions just post comment below, thanks 
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