How to Increase Your Google PageRank and Links by Using Pings
Your site is mechanically crawled by search engines on every occasion after you publish or update a journal post. However if you would like instant site creep you'll ping your site for updates.  This is one of the most effective way on how to increase your Google PagePank and link.

The tendency is when you have a new blog you need to let others know. You have to understand very well that there are readers out there and even search engines that are not aware that such blog exists. This is the role of pinging. With ping, you are like pushing the buzzer or ringing the bell to call the attention of indexing buddies. You will notice that when you do this, there are links that are notified and that will be the start of your blog to push through with indexing. Your goal at first is for your site to be indexed and then you will go to a higher goal of using these indexes for your Google PageRank.

Sharing your post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc is additionally great way to push your (new) site post. Start building links now and learn pinging.

What is Google Page rank?

Google Page rank is the ranking system by Google where a website or blog is rated from 0-10. The better the website the higher the page rank will be. That means everyone will give priority to the website which has higher page rank. For example: Twitter has a Google page rank of 10 and Facebook has a Google page rank of 10.

Why Google Page rank is very important?

Google Page rank is very important for your blog/site. A blog with higher page rank means the blog is very Google friendly. The do-follow links from a high page ranked blog/site has higher ability to influence other site page rank. That means everybody wants back-links from higher page ranked Blog. Higher page rank also determines the quality of your site. That is the why a site/ Blog with High Pr can get approval for any kind of affiliate program or advertising networks. You can also earn money by including links or writing reviews of other site in your blog.

How to Increase Google page rank?

When you use a ping service it ping your site to any or all search engines together with Google journal search, Weblogs, Feedburner, Blo.gs, Icerocket etc.

Popular Ping Services 


- http://www.pingfarm.com

- http://www.mypagerank.net/service_pingservice_index


How to Ping?

All ping services ask for your blog title, blog url and feed url (xml or rss). it may ask for more than one links and short description about new updates.

when you published a new blog post then it is very good to use a ping service. But to ping a non-updated blog again and again is considered as a Spam so be aware of that. It might hurt your next crawling.

Pinging might help you to maximize your blog reach via search engines to gain new audience.

Note: If you have further questions and suggestions about how to increase your google pagerank and links by using pings just post comment below, thanks 
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