Make a Dropdown Menu for Labels in Blogspot Blogs
Label widget is essential in every blog.  It is one way of categorizing all of your contents.  As you post a lot of blogger posts, eventually labels will also expand, and you may need to control how many label should show on the widget, because if not your sidebar will be occupied by your expanding amount of label tags. And I’m pretty sure that you will not love this thing to happen in your site.

There is a way to promote your label without sacrificing a lot of spaces from your sidebar. This technique that I will show you will allow you to save spaces in your sidebar that will give order to your blog. You need a little time to do this that is why I advise you to stick to this article and read between the lines.

I am going to teach you on how to make a dropdown menu for label tags. This is very essential to have in your site and I am sure you will love the new looks of your site that can minimize things that are appearing that are also space consuming. The tutorial for this lesson starts right here.

Here's How to Make a Dropdown Menu for Labels in Blogspot Blogs

Before applying this hack, you must already have a Labels widget installed. If you don’t have one, go to Layout (old UI: Design > Page Elements) and add it.

Now let’s make the dropdown:

Step 1. Go to Template > Edit HTML > Proceed  or for OLD UI: Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML).
Back up your template.
Make sure you DO NOT check the Expand Widget Templates checkbox.
Step 2. Look for the following lines in your HTML code:
Step 3. Replace that line with this code:

  • Change the width of the dropdown menu bay changing 100% to any percentage, or pixel (px).
  • You can change “Click to choose a label” phrase in line 8 to your preferred phrase.
  • Code line 11 is for post count, if you do not want to show post count at the end of each label, delete this line.
Step 4. Preview you blog before saving your html to make sure you did it right. Just repeat the process and make it sure to follow carefully the steps if nothing was change as expected.

Note: If you have further questions and suggestions about making dropdown menu for labels just post comment below, thanks 
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