Instead of creating new post everyday to reduce your bounce rate, many respected bloggers are suggesting to sell your old posts to readers. This is a good idea since there are posts that are good to read that should not stay in the archive. They should be shared once again to readers who were not able to read the post. Imagine if you have so many readers daily and only a few of them read your previous post.

We all know that many of our posts are useful even if they are already in the archive. Today I am going to make a tutorial on how to add a beautiful random post and reduce your bounce rate also to promote your older posts to readers. If you can successfully do this on your site, you are giving options to your readers on what to do next after reading one of your posts.

The Random Posts Widget will show random posts once you have placed this in your blog. The main advantage of this widget is that it is loading pretty fast and shows thumbnails of your posts too, along with the comments link. There are several pretty and useful widgets that you can make use of and this is one of them.

Here's Hows Random Posts Works

  • Doesn’t add load to your page loading
  • Shows the Name Of The Author.
  • Shows the number of comments.
  • Summary Showing Enabled.
  • CSS Added.
  • Hover effect for images.

Installing Random Post On Your Blog

  • Go to blogger > Open layout tab
  • Now Add A new HTML/JavaScript widget
  • Give any title you want [ eg: Being Viewed, Recently Viewed, Now Viewing etc. Its up to you. ].
  • Now paste the code given below : 

  • Change according to your preferrence
Max_Post_Display=5;  is the number of post to show

Note: If you have further questions and suggestions on how to add random post widget just post comment below, thanks 
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