How to Creat Simple Drop Down Menu For Blogger

A drop down navbar is really an essential tool or widget for any blog or website. It gives real feel or look of the template or blog with elegance. Drop down menu lets users easily navigate through different parts of the blog.  And this will surely save their time utilizing every part of your blog since there are readers who cannot stand longer with blogs that are difficult to utilize.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to add simple navigation menu or Drop down menu to your blog. The good thing about this widget is that it requires no jquery and is coded completely in Html and CSS only. So it loads really fast and smooth. In these kinds of menus, when someone hovers the mouse cursor on any specific category, it drops some sub categories in a vertical style. And due to this effect, it is considered nowadays as the best menu style.  

Excited over this menu? You will find your site going through make over when you finally have this menu on your blog. Think of beautifying your blog so that readers will go back from time to time. So, Let’s get started!.

Here's How To Add Drop Down Menu for Blogger Blogs

Step 1. Go to blogger and logging with your blogger Dashboard and click on Layout.
Step 2. Then Click on Add Gadget (Below Header not on sidebar) and Choose Html/Javascript Widget.
Step 3. Now Paste below code into that new Html/Javascript Gadget.

Step 4. Now Change the (#) with your actual links of post or labels.
Step 5. To add another tab to the drop down menu then add below code before </ul>. or delete that code from above code to remove any menu.

Step 6. Now we will add CSS, Go to Blogger Dashboard and click on Template and click on Edit Html. Backup your template before doing this.
Step 7. Then Search for below code. ]]></b:skin>
Step 8. Paste the below code above the code you searched in Step 7.

Step 9. Save the template and you will have drop down menu added to your blog.

If you have further quires or assistance about creating drop down menu for you blog just post comments below, thanks
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