The Ultimate Stylish Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger
Page navigation widget for blogger is a popular widget and that most bloggers make use of because these players are only provided in the wordpress blogs hosted or blogs. Since this trick is made ​​available to bloggers, I am giving you this Page Navigation Widget with options on different styles for the sake of customization.

The default navigation links (i.e Older Posts) are not that friendly to visitors if you are having a lot of jobs and bloggers readers. Now here is a completely new script and that work for numbered page navigation (i.e. Panigation) for Blogger. The paging widget for blogger is easy for the visitor to access. It is a must have for any new blogs. This new script allows you to add numbered page navigation to blogger/ blogspot blog with page numbers starting from (1, 2, 3, 4 ….) like those of a book.

With this arrangement, you can say that there is organization in your post and reading is not a burden to those who visited your blog. Make sure that this is arranged correctly in your blog so that the sequence of posts and the like will be organized that will bring pleasure to readers.

Follow these steps to add Ultimate Stylish Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger

1. Log in to Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Page Elements
2. Click on 'Add a Gadget' on the sidebar
3.  Select 'HTML/Javascript' and add the code given below and click save.

Optional: I suggest to keep it in default it is already customized for best.
var postperpage=5;
var numshowpage=3;

Postperpage : How many Post every Page for your blog
numshowpage : how Many number will show in Your page Navigation



Note: If you have further questions and suggestions just post comment below, thanks 
The Author

I'm Frank from Philippines. born on July 20, 1986 Author of www.theblogservices.net. I was a blogger since July 2010, I have a great passion about blogging and all other stuff online. Follow Me on Google+ or Like our official FB Page HERE

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this widget. My blog is in spanish and i would like to change "Page 1 of 6" and write "Pagina 1 a 6". How can i do it? Thank you.

    ps: sorry for my english i don't use it a lot xD

    1. Yes I can modify it for you, which one of the listed above you want to used?

    2. Upon copying the codes above just replace the js code:

      With this js code: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/hpyj5yc2ydb7io8/theblogservices.net.navi.js

      That js is customized, I change the "Page" to "Pahina"

      PS: If you still have problem, just post your comment below.

    3. Thank you a lot.
      I try it and it's ok for "pagina" but there is always "of" and not "a".
      And if you give me an other link could you write "pagina" whit "á" as "página" please? :D :p
      It would be cool ^^
      But thank you, you are very simpatic. :)

    4. Use this js below instead of given above, I changed it to your request


    5. Now it's ok for the "a" but there is a problem with pagina. The accent don't function, we can see a point of interogation, as you can see: http://vidadecebra.blogspot.com.es/

    6. Sorry for the problem in integration, the js cannot read the "á" maybe its ok for you to use "a", rather than this unreadable character.

      use this js https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/dczbvw33uecwh7i/www.theblogservices.net.pagina.navi.js

    7. Yes it's ok and it's function! with "pagina" it's perfect! Thank you a lot! You are the lonely one you contest and that him code funcion for my blog!
      I'm going to read your other articles because i want to add buttons "like" of facebook to my articles.
      Thank you an other time.

    8. Your welcome, Yes read all other widgets I have posted here, you will love them. See you around. Just post comment to specific articles if your have problem or you need further assistance. Happy blogging!

  2. thanks po dito sir Theseller frank napaka laking tulong nito sa akin

    1. Welcome po, I'm pleased to help every blogger out there.. happy blogging po