AdMediaKing Adnetwork as Publisher Review
One of the things that you need to consider if you would like to earn online is being open minded. For the past years of working online and giving my time and efforts to discover the things that is suited for me to use, I could not be in my state right now without opening my heart and mind to possibilities.

AdMediaKing is in partnership with the publishers as stated its official site that “AdMediaKing is dedicated to monetizing our publishers' inventory at every level and geography of the serving impression. Utilizing a market-driven management platform, we fill from the first ad impression to the last at the highest possible payout.”

It goes to say that this Adnetwork has integrity towards helping the publisher monetize its own site with the contents through the opportunities given by the network.

In this article, you will be taught of a lot of things that you need to know being a publisher and if this is your first time to encounter AdMediaKing, I suggest that you should open your heart and mind just like I did before in order for you to experience the same things that I experienced during the time when I was still starting. Happy earning!

Who is Admediaking?

Admediaking is a cpm indian ad network supports international advertisers and publishers. Its cpm ad network so you will get something than nothing. Its a growing ad network may be benefited for the asian publishers too with constant cpm rate of 0.12$ in all of their ads placements.

How can I be a Admediaking Publisher?

All websites have to be approved by our staff. I.e. There is not set minimum requirements on their website, just try your luck and signup here.

Admdiaking Ad Formats

Earning Rates from Admediaking

They have fixed rates base on my observation with the rate of 0.12$ ecpm in all of their ads placements. I noticed that sometimes even if you have 300x250 ads placements the ads shows 250x250 or smaller, this tactics of them ensures that you have maximum fill for their ads.

Below are the eCPm of my Earnings on my Account

Payment Type: CPM
Payment method: Paypal
Payment schedule: Net15
Advertiser: International
Minimum payment: $2
Support: Telephone: Email: contact@admediaking.com

The Benefit of Signing Up With Admediaking

They have alternative ads from Google Adsense to make sure your earnings will be continues and earn more to their ads space, so why don't you try it yourself and see how legit they are. You can earn 5% by referring a new Advertiser with them and 10% of total earning of any publishers you referred.

The Disadvantages of Signing Up With Admediaking

They have limit of 2000 impressions per 24hrs per  ads placements if no clicks from the viewers of the site and the additional traffic will not be counted anymore. This is bad for CPM networks wherein they are CPM based adnetwork but why they required clicks for the ads placement per 2k views for the impressions to be counted continually. This was confirmed by the admin when I ask why the impressions on my site stops when I reached 2k views.

Overall Review for Admediaking

So far so good, I had my first payout from them. Its worth trying because they are net15 payment.

First Payment Proof from AdsMediaKing

2nd Payment Proof from AdsMediaKing (Dec 2013 earnings)

3nd Payment Proof from AdsMediaKing

(Jan 1-15, 2014 earnings)

4th Payment Proof from AdsMediaKing
(Jan 16-31, 2014 earnings)

5th Payment Proof from AdsMediaKing
(Feb 1-15, 2014 earnings)

5th Payment Proof from AdsMediaKing (Feb 1-25, 2014 earnings)

6th Payment Proof from AdsMediaKing
(March 1-15, 2014 earnings)

Note: If you need further help you may post your comment below, thanks

The Author

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  1. It is always hard to find a good place to go to for affiliate advertising. I will check this one out as the company I am with is not working for me.

    1. Try them, hope you will find them good. you can try to see other adnetworks reviews I made here: http://www.theblogservices.net/search/label/publisher%20review?

  2. Affiliate ads are hard to find. I think I'm going to look into this one!

  3. This seems like a pretty good place to use

    1. try them and earn additional money from your blog..

  4. 3rd payout from them 11.84$ from Jan 1-15, 2014.. See proof of payment above..

    Happy earning everyone!

  5. very bad ad network dont use bcz they dont give me any support and also dont give me any payments
    i use 1 month i earn 55$ but they cant give and y sent mail and tickt but they cant give me any reply
    friends dont use this ad network

    1. aw! that's new.. they never ever fails for payout from them ever since. I will try to contact them, please give me your blog links here so I can address about your issue to them.

      PS: Hope that I can help you..

  6. There is a new ad network CPM and CPC basis called Nox CPM (noxcpm.com).
    They pay weekly, $10 min payout, 80% Revenue Share, Multiple Ad Formats, Premium Support 24/7 and 100% Fill Rate (I got this info from their website).
    So far it's working very well to me. You may give it a try :)