Auto Posting Facebook Fanpage Post to Your Twitter Tweets
Do you want to post your Facebook posts as your Twitter tweets at the same time? With Auto Posting Facebook Fanpage Post as Your Twitter Tweets, there’s no need to rewrite the same post or updates twice or use a third party application. 

Facebook has been enabled this feature long time ago but lot of bloggers doesn't know this yet. Linking these two big social media all over the world maximizes your blog views and even posts your latest article. Now, imagine how good it is to see this kind of action happening wherein you don’t need to spend more time doing two things like posting in facebook and after that you will open your twitter account and post the same thing. If you can maximize your time by minimizing your action, it would be better. And besides, top bloggers do this and in a day, they can perform a lot of tasks. 

Now that you know about this thing, it is time to move. If you will not do something about your posts, nothing will happen. You have to promote them to social media and this two is the biggest. It’s easy to post to Twitter directly from Facebook Fanpage. I will teach you how to do this with your articles.

How To published Facebook Fanpage postings into your Twitter Instantly

Step 1. Login your Facebook and Twitter account using same browser (firefox, chrome, IE and the likes).
Step 2. Go to: http://www.facebook.com/twitter/
Step 3. Click on “Link Page to Twitter” then click link to twitter on the fanpage you want to link to twitter

Step 4. You will be redirected to Twitter authorization page (make sure that you are loggin to your twitter account where you want to link your facebook fanpage)

Step 5. After authorizing the App you are will be redirected into Twitter Linking confirmation page same as the image below

Step 6. You can now set what contents from your fan page you want to automatically posted to your Twitter account like the image shown below...

Step 7. Your done, you can now test if its working by posting sample post into your fan page and see if it is already automatically posted as your twitter tweets. If you cannot see your facebook post on your twitter timeline you have to recheck your settings again and review the steps above if you done it all right.

Note: If you have any quires about this auto posting Facebook fanpage post to twitter tweets just leave a comment below, thanks
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  1. I do this some times but when i use Hootsuite it gets doubled posted. :(

    1. You should removed your Facebook linked to your twitter dashboard for not to double you post.