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MadAdsMedia Network ReviewThey have 100's of ad networks, ad exchanges, and RTB advertisers to compete for every publisher's inventory according to them. And this is MadAdsMedia. This is one of the best adnetworks over the net that has reached out to bloggers and online money makers giving them the best benefits that they could have upon becoming a member.

The means for optimization gives an assurance to an ad provider with the highest CPM. This means that earnings is possible for every impression.

"No impression will ever go unsold" this is an annotation. Access to camapings from the highest profile brand advertisers over the net is granted access with. This ranges from CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL. The best thing about MadAdsMedia is that there is an Account Manager provided to help someone easily manage his account the moment he is about to make use of the program. 

When you visit MadAdsMedia official site, you will get to know them more. Here is a network review that you can use if you want a reference for MadAdsMedia. You will certainly become more aware that there are so many benefits that you can get from using this adnetwork. With the variety of services provided and allowed for each one, you will surely be satisfied.

Things Need to Consider Before Joining MadAdsMedia Network

In order for you to get accepted by MadAdsMedia Network, you must have a Privacy Policy Page on your website or blog. Signing up is easy, but they might reject or disapproved your application if your website does not meet with their minimum requirements such as Privacy Policy and a total minimum of your monthly unique visitors from different countries. If your website generates a small amount of traffic, then you need to do something to increase your traffic stats, your website must have an Alexa traffic rank below 1 million. If you think your website or blogs fits their requirements or you want to apply just visit MadAdsMedia Publisher's Application Page Here

The Truth: I was denied at first apply due to low Alex rank in which I only  got 1.4M Alex rank but together with that disapproval email received an email that if really have more than 10k imp Per 24hrs I just need to provide my Google Analytic screenshots as a proof of good number of traffic and I did pass the Analytic and luckily got approved after 2 days of waiting and currently running MadAdsMedia ads space on my site for testing if they are really giving a good rate with my good number of traffic.

MadAdsMedia Network Pros Based from Others Who already tested Them

  • 100% fill rate.
  • High CPM rates starting from $.05
  • Easy to get accepted with following requirements as follows:
  • Family friendly content with 300,000 monthly page views or an alexa rank below 1 million.
  • Tested and found much better than many other ad networks.

Payment Terms MadAdsMedia Network

Payments are made on a net-45 basis. You will receive your payment 45 days after the the current month's end (provided you've met your set minimum payment). You can see information for past and future payments in your payments area.

Minimum Payment for MadAdsMedia Network

The minimum payment amount is determined by you. You can control the amount in the payment profile area of your account. The minimum you can select is $50

Payment Options for MadAdsMedia Network

  • Payment via Check
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Payment via ACH

How Often Are The Reports Updated with MadAdsMedia Network

Because we're partnered with over 130 ad networks, exchanges, and real-time bidding platforms, we must wait for them to report their final numbers before we can report them to you. Because of this, impressions and revenue are reported 48 hours later.

How Much do Small Websites can Earn from MadAdsMedia Network?

This is always the main concern of every publishers, as I read around about reviews on them a small website earn up to $1,000 USD a month depending on the impressions generated from their website or blogs.

MadAdsMedia Revenue Calculator Report

If you want to see your earning potential with their publisher's program you can estimate your earnings potential using their calculator here

TheBlogServices Payment Proof from MadAdsMedia Network

Earning Update Nov 24, 2013

Earning Updates Dec 11, 2013

Note: On my Dashboard says that the Numbers can take up to 2 days before it can finalized but I got 4 days already but no update yet, maybe because of weekend, I will update the latest one below soon


Founded in: 2011 Official Website URL: www.madadsmedia.com
Headquarters: New Jersey, 217 Fellowship Rd, Suite D, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Telephone #: 856-874-8928
Email Address: support@madadsmedia.com

Payment proof for MadAdsMedia

Payment proof for MadAdsMedia

Have you already tried MadAdsMedia Network? Share your experiences with them to us by posting your comment below, thanks

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  1. hello frank if you should not use mad ads media with adsense it decreases rates and also cpm rates if your adsense ctr is below 5% dont use mad ads media you can contact me here
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    1. Thanks for your concern, I'll send a message on your facebook. hope to hear from you soon...

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    1. Your welcome, do you have madadsmedia account already?