Navbar Widget with 3D Flying Effect For Blogger Blogs
Let me share to you about Navbar widget. This navbar menu has a 3D effect when you hover, your mouse cursor over the menu wherein submenu will appears like it is flying effect. This Navbar Widget with 3D Flying Effect is created purely with html and css, meaning no javascript used to give it 3D effect

You have the freedom to edit additional settings for this navbar with 3D effects wherein you'll be able to customize the colors, menu and contents. This is one of best out of many blogger widgets I posted in this blog.  

Customizing blog/websites with attractive widgets have been a common issue for all newbies blogger. Adding new and stylish navigation in blogger makes it more professional and eye catching so the post below is about adding a cool and impressive Css menu navigation bar to increase your readers. With proper use of this widget, there are positive effects. This is pleasing to the eyes of the visitors and that is why you will gain a lot from it. Try this one but first you have to continue reading this article in order for you to get to the point of understanding how it works well to you. The lesson starts here.

How to add this 3D navigation menu or navbar menu widget to blogger

Step 1. Login to you blogger account dashboard.
Step 2. Go to layout >> add a gadget >> HTML/Javascript.
Step 3. Now copy and paste the following code below

Step 4. Save Settings and you are done.

Here's How to Customize this 3D navigation menu or navbar menu widget

  • Just Change # with your blog post links and you are done.

If you liked this 3D navigation menu widget for blogger which has a multi-sub menu then please share it and write comments below as your feedback and if you have further queries or help need.
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