Yahoo Bing Network Contextual Ads Powered by Media.net Review
It’s obviously the best Adsense Alternative especially for you, creative bloggers who are tired of getting declined by Google Adsense or at one point ,you are in the program, but for some unknown reasons Google suspended your Adsense account.

Whatever the motives we may have, the various reasons why us, bloggers and web admins, are constantly looking for a better adnetworks is we have to earn money without putting our sites in peril. And this is the reason why we have to consider Yahoo Bing Network Contexttual Ads Powered by Media.net.

To better understand a certain adnetwork, you have to know very well the background of this. And comparison with other adnetworks is also important. This is not because you are trying to compare them to point out what is good and what is bad about a certain adnetwork but for the reason of knowing where to avail the highest benefits.

This article will give you a good insight of Media.net and you will get to know better how to become a part of this adnetwork. Understand very well and open your heart and mind with this and I am sure you will be able to find the reason for making use of this program.

The Truth: I got an approval from them after 5 tries, so why not try your luck again and apply and apply until you got approval too. Continue reading below because I will be discussing about what I've done to be part of their publishers program, I cannot promise that you will get approved too but this review will surely help you.

What is Media.net or so Called Yahoo Bing Network Contectual Ads?

It is an online contextual ads program in partnership with Yahoo Bing Network. Announced on Sept. 27, 2012 – It enables web publishers to earn advertising revenue through putting their ads on websites or blogs. The network is fastly growing promising website owners and bloggers a better advertising solution.

How to get approved by Media.net Yahoo Bing Network Contectual Ads?

Having my site fully optimized for Adsense it made me easier for me to apply for other ads programs like Innity, Ambient Digital, Kryptoads, infolinks, Addynamo and the likes. But then no one really knows how a blog is being approved by these platforms. Nonetheless, here are some of the steps I did prior to my applications that might help you.

*Make Good International Traffic – If you’re making reasonable U.S. / U.K. traffic to your website even though like me, most of your traffic comes from Asia. You have a big chance of getting an invitation. Maybe you’re asking how you can get the traffic. Let’s leave the more detailed discussion on another article. But let me give you a hint with this next point.

*Create Original English Content – This method is not only to get traffic but also a way to get approved by advertising networks. Update your articles regularly (atleast one article daily) and avoid copyright infringements. Prove the advertisers your websites worth.

Stay true to these two core components (Traffic and Content) and see the how you progress in this arena. After all getting approved isn’t as harder as to Adsense.

If you think your site fits on the above criteria just give it a try

Click Here To Request Invite from Media.net -theblogservices
PS: One of my friend got approval even her blog haven't have that good contents and traffic

It might take more than two weeks to review your application whether or not to approve or disapprove.So show patience till you receive an approval or being rejected email.You can ready to submit up to five Blogs/Websites for review. Mine got approval after 24hrs for my 5th try.

Whats benefit of Media.net Yahoo Bing Network Contectual Ads?

According to other reviews out there:
  • The Ads are very much targeted and contextual. So you don't have to worry much about bad User experience. 
  • A very good customer support. Mail them any problem you have, and they will reply you within 48 hours. That never works with AdSense. 
  • Really less chances of getting banned like AdSense. Even if you are, you have someone to ask the reason, and most probably you will be replied. 
  • Ads are new. Visitors have become blind to AdSense ad units. Media.net provide new Ads sizes and units and customization is much easier and better.

The Pros and Cons of Media.net Yahoo Bing Network Contectual Ads– (First Impressions)

Media.net Pros:

Outstanding Technical Support Service – I don’t know how it is with Adsense, but with Media the technical support is really good and attentive. Upon approval of your request, a representative will be sending you a warm welcome giving you a notice that he/she will accompany you throughout your journey with the program. As a matter of fact, I asked a simple question “Did I put the ads on the right places?” and he not only responded right away but also gave me an advice to earn better using larger ads.

Unconventional Customizable Ads – I love how their ads look natural on my site. The ads with their several theme options can be easily customized to look different from conventional advertisements while looking like they’re still part of your website.

Ad Keywords Are Related to My Content – Most of the times, the keywords displayed are precisely targeted not ruining the user experience.

High Revenue – I couldn't compare it with Adsense, but the ads revenue is significantly better than the other programs I tried according to my friends that have media.net account too. Lets see after 2-3 weeks if I can get a good earnings from them too as others are making.

Media.net Cons:

(I’ll add some up if I happen to bump to other concerns)

The only minus point I noticed by far is my site slightly loads slower after implementing the ads. But if you’re willing to sacrifice that split second of downtime it’s good to go.

Media.net Yahoo Bing Network Contectual Ads Payout Methods

They give you two payment options Paypal and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold is $250 and it's very simple to achieve if you have got an honest traffic.

I will update this review as soon as I have update for my earning in few days.

How’s your experience with the program? What’s your opinion regarding the Media.net? Did you have any concerns with the Platform? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.
The Author

I'm Frank from Philippines. born on July 20, 1986 Author of www.theblogservices.net. I was a blogger since July 2010, I have a great passion about blogging and all other stuff online. Follow Me on Google+ or Like our official FB Page HERE

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  1. nice review, I'll watch out for the update about your media.net earnings

    1. thanks for the comment, It will be updated soon...

  2. Hey Frank. Nicely reviewed, I found media.net disappointing at first, but thinking to give it one more try after reading your post. I'll be back to share my next experience with the service.
    Thanks :)

  3. Hi Frank, i know very hard for estimate, but depend on your report, how much i can earn daily with a website has 3k unique visitors/day (10k page views). Thanks!

    1. if your visitors are active and came from western countries you have a high chance of getting 10$ earn per day, but take note that this adnetwork are CPC base ads, ,meaning no click no earning, if you are looking for better earning potential use CPM base ads like Kryptoads and Madadsmedia.