Collection of Best Templates Sources for Blogger Blogs
Most of the bloggers, especially the beginners, are looking for a source of free blogger templates to customize their small or big blogs. The more attractive and organized blog contents in relation to templates color and arrangement are the more visitors who will visit your blog because it’s easy for them to look for the things that they need or read from your blog contents.

You might not notice but your template is very necessary and part of your blog. Though we believe in the saying that “content is king”, you have to understand that your template is also the content of your blog. That it cannot stand alone having good articles but also organized templates for it to show presentable and pleasing to the eyes of the visitors. In this way, it is much easier for you to convince them to go back to your blog and read again after having one.

In this article I collected all of the best blogger blogs templates sources that are available in the internet. You are free to select any of the sources listed below. You may need to read tutorials on how to change blogger templates for you to be able to change your blogger blogs default template.

Here's the List of Best Templates Source for Blogger Blogs










If you are blogger template free source and you want to be included on the list please do contact us here

Whether you use a free blog template or one you pay for, you should look for templates that are SEO friendly. Typically, if a blog template is SEO friendly its description will mention it. While not all blog templates that claim to be SEO friendly really are, unless you are very SEO savvy you won't be able to tell so you'll pretty much have to take their word for it or ask someone to check the blog templates you might be considering.

Most people with limited blogging experience and HTML knowledge should use one of the available free blog templates from their blog service. That way, they can be assured that their blog templates will work with the blog platform/host that's being used.
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  1. I've blogged for YEARS...and I still go to "all in one" templates. It's just too easy! Great list you have put together.

    1. yeah, most bloggers always looking for the best free templates that's why I put it together in one place.

  2. Hi Frank-- Thanks for sharing this list of blogger templates, it will be very useful to me in upgrading some of my blogs that I have not done much with.

  3. This is a great collection of template services all in one place. I will make sure I share these with some blogger friends.

  4. I used to get my free template when I was still in blogger from a great source.. but I can't remember the name argh! it's been a while since I last used blogger

  5. I wish I knew about all of these when I was still on blogger. This is such a great resource!

  6. Great post! I'm on blogger so I'm saving this post!

  7. You compiled quite an impressive collection here. This is appreciated!

  8. As a blogger I'm very impressed with this collection!! I can't wait to check a few of these out :)

  9. Thank you for this collections. I found my template :)