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Based on my experience, a Subscription Email form or Subscription Box is a widget that is more important compared to RSS feed icon itself because of the fact that people love to receive your post updates in their email inboxes rather than viewing your RSS feed.

So make sure to make your Email From as eye appealing and eye catching as possible to attract more readers. On this article I will be discussing how to add subscription box for blogger blogs powered by feed burner on which I believe to be one of the weapons that every blogger should practice and master for a better result. We all want a good result on our endeavors online and it is good that we know this thing.

Your post update is the basis of every reader who have subscribed to you when it comes to their interest in reading. Remember, if you have good content in your site, you will surely be visited often and you will make it easier for your visitor to find you if you have an organized subscription box. Some are taking this for granted and I would like to tell you that it pays to give importance to this. It really pays.

Here's How to Add Subscription Box for Blogger Blogs Powered by Feedburner

Step 1: Log into your feedburner account, if you still don't have Create your account here
Step 2: Click on the Publicize button and then click on Email Subscriptions link same as the image shown below

Step 3: Then, drag down the page until you see a HTML code, similar with the image shown below

Step 4: Copy the HTML code for the email form and paste it in Notepad first because will modify this code for more eye catching appearance. 

Step 5: Now, Login to your Blogger Account using your Google account. Go to Blogger Dashboard.then Click on Layout tab from left pane and click on Add a Gadget link.

Step 6. After you click on Add a Gadget link a pop-up box will open now with many gadget list, Choose HTML/JavaScript from the gadget options by clicking the blue plus sign on the upper left of the gadget.

Step 7. Select 'HTML/Javascript' and add the modified subscription box powered by feedburner below.

  • Blue : This refers to the color of the frame or outline surrounding the Email form, You can change it to any colour using our color picker here
  • Link of your Email Icon: This refers to the URL of your Email Icon. Please first choose a Email Icon of your choice.
  • : Replace this URL with the URL in the notepad code.
  • TheBLogServices: Replace this text with your Feed Title.
  • Subscribe : This is the text that appears on the Email button. You can change it to anything you like. For Instance: Submit, Hit Me, Join Me etc.
If you have further queries about this subscription box powered by feed burner just post your comment below, thanks
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