Chitika is one of the oldest company in online advertising for blogger. It was founded in year 2003 and offered publishers program to make money online for bloggers like us. I have signed up an account with them during my initial blogging period way back 2010 but got suspended due to low knowledge about do's and don'ts long ago. Few months ago, I tried to apply with them again due to the fact that I am not yet qualified with adsense for some reasons. On this review I will be discussing some key points to maximize your earning potential with chitika as one of the best adsense alternative. You will also learn about Chitika Ads Serving in relation with Website Corresponding Label Ribbons on this article.

You should conside Chitika as one of your buddies in making money online because it has been tried and tested. If you are willing to make the most out of it, you should care about reading this post between the lines. Chitika has gained its reputation online because of being in the industry for such a long time. And now, this information is passed to you that will give you a new perspective with regards to making money online. I will be honest with showing you the advantages and disadvantages of Chitika.

Disadvantages of Joining Chitika

The disadvantages of Chitika online advertising network is that they work best for product based websites. So, if you are reviewing any product on your website, you get more chances of benefiting from it. Also good Alexa ranking seems to be one of their basis in giving you a good ads serving in your site. Chitika only recognized those site with good U.S. traffic like this blog wherein I am getting their Gold ribbon label related ads serving with them. Below, I will be discussing what are those silver, bronze and gold ribbon labels in relation to ads serving on your site.

How to add the Chitika advertisements on blogs and websites?

Chitika provides ad codes in JavaScript that can be generated on your account dashboard and you can easily place it on your blogs and websites. You need to place it above the fold of the blogs and websites for higher click rate thus will increase your earnings.

Chitika Payment Terms and Conditions

The minimum threshold on their payout is $10 if via Paypal compare with the minimum of $100 for Google Adsense. If you want the payment to be done via check then the minimum threshold is $50. Well, this is also good enough compared with other adnetworks. They pay with net30 basis wherein they will initiate the payment once you reached atleast 10$  30days from the end of the month you reached the minimum threshold.

Is Chitika ad codes compatible with Google Adsense?

This is always the question for new bloggers because we all know that adsense is not always compatible with other adnetworks. Yes, of course Chitika is compatible with Google Adsense, both can easily go together. Some webmasters even claims using Chitika ads along with the Google Adsense increases the earnings wherein chitika ads doesn't affect ads serving of google adsense. But, there are also some bloggers who claim to have experienced lower Google Adsense CTR after using Chitika ads. So, its up to you whether to go with both networks together, or you may try them both in quite sometime and make your observations.

Chitika Ads Type

  • BANNER ADS: These are standard ads type. Chitika does not show banner ad but they show images with text in most of cases specially if you are not yet on their Bronze and Gold ads serving.
  • MOBILE ADS: These ads are displayed only if your website is viewed from mobile device. This means if a user browses your website using mobile device ads will show up on their view. You do not have to create mobile site for this, you just need to install it to your site for you to earn with mobile viewers of your site.
  • IN TEXT ADS:  If you are  familiar with Infolinks or similar in text advertising network. Chitika offers Links which is CPC (cost per click) based in text link ads. This will be good if you have active visitors on your website or blogs.
  • HOVER ADS:  Hover ads are displayed on bottom right corner of your website. They remain at that place while the visitor is scrolling down your website, this is one of the best way to earn with chitika wherein based on my observations this hover ads generates more click rate when I installed on my blog but it is somewhat annoying for your readers. Most cases visitors of a site tend to close this hover ads where they unintentionally click the ads on this slot thus resulting to high CTR.
  • HIGHLIGHTS ADS: Highlight ads are displayed when user selects some text on your website. It will get displayed below the user selected text area that increases CTR also but in most cases based on my experiences with chitika this will slow down your site loading together with In Text Ads of chitika so I avoid using this ads serving.

Chitika Referral Program

Chitika offers referral program wherein you can earn 10% of your referral earning for first 15 months. But the referral stats is not updated until referral is paid once. Other advertising networks do show referral stats whether they have made money or not but atleast chitika offers this option not like with adsense wherein you will not earn in referring others.

Chitika Ads Serving in relation with Website Corresponding Label Ribbons

Have you notice the image that you can see in-line with your listed website on your chitika dashboard domain list same with the image below? 

You can see that most are the white ribbon which is actually the silver ribbon. Below I will be discussing more about this Labels of Chitika on your site.

Silver Label:  This Silver ribbon label that you see inline with your site indicates that your site is new and will be served by non premium ads from chitika ads serving, mostly the low rate ads will show on your site and most of the time you can see the same ads link even you reload your site. This will be improved soon as your site traffic is growing.

Bronze Label:  This Bronze ribbon label indicates that your site have some good US traffic and you will served by premium ads by chitika ads serving wherein you can see ebay ads and some google adsense ads on selected banners; 728x90, 160x600, 300x250, and 468x90 only. So, it is better to install banner ads if your site is labeled with brone ribbon for more higher earnings. I notice when I installed banners ads my earning increases and have earnings even if no clicks on my ads was recorded. I believed that this ads serving gives minimum of 0.01$ cpm but I cannot confirm this because you cannot see the detailed report on your chitika dashboard.

Gold Label:  This Gold ribbon labels is the highest label of a certain site can attain wherein indicates that more than 50% of your traffic are from US. Once you earned this label you will be given a high priority ads serving by chitika and most of your ads will show in different colors and design that will surely increases your click rate on your site. Below are the sample of ads you will see on a site with Gold Labels;

Tips for Chitika Publishers

Your earning potential with chitika will increase if you will get most of your traffic from US territories. Take note that good alexa rank may contribute with good chitika ads serving and for gaining gold label on their system. But it is not always based on alexa ranks wherein we all know that this can be manipulated. Once you already got the Bronze and Gold Labels it is more advisable to install banner ads 728x90, 160x600, 300x250, and 468x90 for the premuim ads will be served on your site and earn more.

Payment Proof With Chitika

Chitika Earnings Dec 2013

Chitika Earnings Dec 2013 payment proof 2014

If you have further queries or you want to share yourexperiences with Chitika, just post your comment below. thanks
The Author

I'm Frank from Philippines. born on July 20, 1986 Author of www.theblogservices.net. I was a blogger since July 2010, I have a great passion about blogging and all other stuff online. Follow Me on Google+ or Like our official FB Page HERE

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  1. Ayun oh may bago nanaman =D thanks dito boss try ko to.,

    1. luma na yan actually, pero latest review lang ginawa ko para mas detailed.. Happy earning!

  2. Hi .. I am also chitika publisher,, haha, but kaso ang tagal na waley pa rin me earning,,lol ^^

    1. Ganun sa una lang, pag gumanda ang traffic ng site mo at rank magkakaroon karin ng bronze or gold label. Happy earning!

    2. kuya bakit ganun yung sa akin hindi ko po ma Authorized..

  3. Chikita is great I use it on my blog & its better than adsense to me

    1. Good for you, My earnings with chitika is not that impressive compared with other adnetwork I'm in contract with. Thanks for the comment. Happy earning

  4. sir, patulong naman. kaapprove pa lang po kasi ng account ko sa chitika. nagpunta po ko sa code generator. tapos press ung "get code", then copy ko sya at paste sa Blogger widget. Kaso po hindi nagshoshow ung ads. Blank lang sya. Ano po ba kelangan ko pang i-setup or gawin para mag show ung ads? Thanks ng marami

    1. ah, pag bago palang need mo muna ilagay ang code, wala pang lalabas dyan unless ma-claim mo na ang site mo dun sa domain and apps ng chitika dashboard mo (https://publishers.chitika.com/domains), usually lalabas ang site mo dun sa unclaimed domain within 2-6hours after mainstal ang code sa site mo. Claim mo po ang domain mo saka lalabas ang ads ng chitika.

    2. ah, ok sir. ganto po kasi ung nasa domain dashboard. wala pa pong domain na na-aappear para i-claim dun sa unclaimed domain. sadya po bang ganyan muna yan? eto po ung link ng picture

    3. oo sa una wala pa yan, basta install mo lang muna ang code tapus check mo mga 3-6hrs or after 24hrs lalabas na yan sa unclaimed domain, pagkaclaim mo ng domain saka lalaba ang ads ng chitika sa site mo

    4. sir na-claim ko na kagabi. pero wala pa ring nalabas na ads.
      kasi ung blog ko po eh under lang ng blogger.
      bale may lumabas na 3 site sa unclaimed domains, halimbawa:
      - blogger.com
      - name.blogspot.ru
      - name.blogspot.com
      ang clinaim ko lang po ay ung name.blogspot.com. di ko po alam kung claim ko din ung name.blogspot.ru (pero nagdidirect din xa sa site ko). eh ung blogger.com po? claim ko po ba lahat? thanks

    5. Oo claim mo lahat basta name.blogspot. ang format kahit anung TLD like .ru .com etc. Try mo gamit ng ibang browser mo kasi di yan nalabas pag nakalogin ang chitika account mo with the same browser or try to clean cookies ng browser mo para makita mo ang chitika ads mo, iwasan mo po maclick ang ads mo ore else masuspend ang account mo. Happy blogging!

    6. thanks po. clinaim ko na lahat kaninang umaga. nagclear cache/cookies at nagopen sa ibang browser. pero wala pa rin pong nalabas na image display para dun sa pinaglagyan ko ng ads.

  5. Wow...
    Nice information that you share in this article.Thanks for this useful information this is useful for people.

  6. sir, meron po ba kayong simplified guide para sa mga Pinoy kung pano i-fill up ung tax requirement ng chitika? required po ba magsubmit nun?

    1. Yes, submitting TAX Form is required for your payout to be process, just select non us resident the W-8BEN and fill-up the form on the following boxes
      "Capacity in which acting" just input "Individual" without a quote

      Do not answer the following boxes

      Hope it helps..

      Happy New Year!

  7. My chitika ads does not show up but in test mode it alright?

    1. usually chitika ads will not show to you, you need to clean your cookies first before you can see your ads.

    2. Ok then. I found you also use chitika ads and i want to know the latest chitika ecpm for asian because many those say it suck for asian? Most of my traffic from usa and second malaysia. Oya, what you think about adversal if compare with chitika?

    3. Yes chitika rate on asian is not that good, I already using adversal and still testing it and it seems that their rate is better than chitika but the min payout is 50$, I will create review about adversal as soon as I got my first payout from them.

    4. For me i prefer adversal than chitika. First adversal also an old ad network since 2003. Second their support is good and have good rate, but both program has its own function that make us interested. So i will discuss it after you make your review.

    5. Ok, I will try to published my review as soon as possible about adversal. See you arround

  8. Hi again frank, it seem you have remove chitika ads, may i know why?

    1. Yes your right, I removed chitika ads due to irregularities of earnings.

    2. My guess is right. How about infolinks? In my place, kinda seem little frustrated.