Social Media Followers and Likes Impact for a Blog or Website
There are so many websites out there  that offering Social Media Followers and Likes Exchanges for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Googleplus, StumbleUpon and others. What do you think is the impact of these social media to your site? Having lots of Facebook Fan page likes, lots of twitter followers, lots of Google-plus circles and all other social media greatly impacts how your blog wil become popular over the internet and it also impact the way you do SEO only if all of those likes and followers are real.

But if that was gained with the use of like exchange programs or paid liker and followers which is most likely inactive social media users. They are only pleasing to the eyes of new visitors. In this article, I will show you how you can maximize the use of social media in order to increase the popularity of your blog and eventually become successful in the end. We do know that this is the age of social media and it has greatly impacted the way SEO goes nowadays. Learn how to make use of this tool very well and you will see the result when time comes. By then you will know that your social media account is not just meant for socialization but with a higher purpose.

If you owned a blog, you’ll know how important social media specially in providing traffic to your website or blog. Those likes and tweets add social signals to Search Engines and will give more impact on their search results in relation to your niche and it might even give you a SERP boost in the long run. When my blog Facebook fan page., Twitter and GPlus Circle reached thousands of subscribers for the past months, my blog's visitors dramatically increases by about 200% and boost my alexa ranks too. Adding Social Media Widget to your blog will help you a lot. To help increase your Facebook likes install  a Facebok like box widget in your blog, other useful blogger widgets here.

The Benefits of Social Media in Relation to Blogging

  • Widens Your Blog Readers: Most of people around the world used social media specially Facebook, twitter, and Google Plus. So, if your blog post are posted on those big popular social media platform your readers will be worldwide.
  • Improving Organic Search: Now a days Search engines giving priority on those social media contents in showing on their search results specially Facebook because Facebook is paying adnetworks to promote their site online (adnetwork like: Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, Madsmedia, Kryptoads and the likes). Goole plus also have a great impact in search engine specially on Google search because its their own social media platform, it would be bias as we think but this is the reality, believe me or not.
  • Increase Direct Contact with Readers: Facebook, twitter, and google plus have their system  wherein you can directly connect with the follower and liker via chat and other posting ability on fan-pages, in result, readers of your blog tends to comeback for more engagement to you site as they believe that you are real and easy to talk with, so be friendly on your social media transactions.
Below are the sites that offer likes and followers exchange that you might be interested .

What are those Exchange Likes Websites?

Upon searching and readings, I found lot of like exchange websites that might help every bloggers for them increase their social media followers and liker. This like exchange websites works as you are liking other social media and earn points to be consumed in return with other users to like your own social media account. Everyone that want to increase their followers and readers can use this, but take note that 50-60% of those liker and follower may not be a real accounts. Its really working on increasing your social media followers and likes but recently those sites was heavily abused and you can loose up to 50% of liker or follower everyday.

Below are the list I found on the internet based on other sites reviews and upon testing them for the sake of this article.

List of Social Media Followers and Like Exchange Websites

1. AddMeFast earning points is pretty quick especially if you already have established accounts but not easy to create account from them because of being abuse for most of users. They have website hits exchanges also wherein you can earn points in exchange with website visitors but not advisable if you have adsense ads and other adnetworks in your blog that can surely ban your publishers account.

2. Followlike There is a massive list of Social Media options on this site. Everything you want to promote can be done here. They have bonus that you can buy and sell backlinks and earned more coins with little work compared to addmefast.

3. Likesniper This is best option if you want to increase your  Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus and YouTube Promotions. The best feature for the points is Website hits or Traffic. Everyday you login you get 50 points and 50 points is equal to 2,000 hits to your site but you will surely banned to ad-network you have if you use the traffic exchange, so avoid it.

4. LikeBlaster They have slow processes compared to the rest however they have Social Media like exchanges service you need.

5. LikePlanet Slow loading time for your first visit but worth trying them. All are regular free likes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube views exchange. 


I only list 5 above for the sake of this article supporting contents, Please be careful in using them because it can make your account on those big social media deleted because they are not tolerating spamming with their services. Use it moderately and do not use their website hits or traffic exchange offers because you will surely be banned to any adnetwork you are working for your site. Do it at your own risk. There are lot of ways to increase followers and likes, one of them is creating a unique and useful blog articles that people will sure love reading it. Happy blogging everyone.

If you have further quireis or feedback just post your comment below, thanks
The Author

I'm Frank from Philippines. born on July 20, 1986 Author of www.theblogservices.net. I was a blogger since July 2010, I have a great passion about blogging and all other stuff online. Follow Me on Google+ or Like our official FB Page HERE

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  1. As an, ahem, "mature" blogger, I sometimes find all the many social media outlets a bit overwhelming- especially wading through some of the services you mentioned. Thanks for giving a clear cut description of all of them.

  2. Great blog post! I would love to get more facebook likes but I am a little concerned with traffic exchange for like sniper. How exactly does this get you more likes? and what is traffic exchange etc? Sorry I am new to this

    1. You can use those Facebook like exchange listed about but I do not advice to use their website traffic exchange because they can cause banning or non approval to any adnetworks.

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    1. Okay, just post comments on specific widgets if you have problem or queries about it. thanks

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