Using Alexa Toolbar will Results to Higher Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a most popular ranking site now a days because of their main feature of ranking the sites from Top 1 up to Top millions. Though Alexa Ranking doesn't matter much for a site in the old days based on readings, but as the day go by Alexa Ranking is getting importance for a site wherein lot of high paying CPM Adnetworks only accepts those sites with Alexa rank of top 100k or better. On this article I will be discussing about using Alexa Toolbar that will results to higher Alexa Rankings.

Alexa is the most popular ranking site nowadays because of its main feature of ranking sites from Top 1 up to Top millions. Though Alexa Ranking doesn't matter much for sites before, as days go by, Alexa Ranking is becoming necessary because lots of high paying CPM Adnetworks only accept those sites with Alexa rank of 100k or higher. Alexa now is the requirement of legit sites who are not just basing their gauging of website’s quality on PR ranking.

There are sites that are so particular with Alexa ranking and this is the reason why as much as possible, you should see to it that your site has high Alexa ranking. You will notice that as time passes by, your site becomes more important because of the increasing Alexa ranking. Make it a habit to include in your daily observation the increase or decrease of your Alexa ranking because you will know someday what will be the effect of this on the performance of your blog.

You will get to understand this more and what I mean if you are into internet marketing. On this article I will be discussing about using Alexa Toolbar that will result to higher Alexa Rankings.

Who is Alexa and what is Alexa Rank mean to every Bloggers

Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Use of their analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development. An Alexa Ranking is gained by the level of traffic a website receives, based on the number of people who visit the website, with the Alexa Toolbar (or Add-On) installed within their browsers.

What is Alexa Toolbar?

When you use Alexa Toolbar in your browser (only for Firefox, Google Chrome and IE) it sends data to Alexa servers and measures how much time do the viewers spend on a website and how pages they are viewing in a certain website. It also records how visitor engage to a site from search engines and ranks a website search visit from 0-100 percentile.

How Alexa Rank a Site?

It measures the rank of a site based on three months Collected data with the basis below;
  • How much time a person spend on a certain site
  • How much pageviews does a viewer made on a certain site
  • How many people visit a certain site within a particular time
  • From where the visitors come from before they get into a certain site
  • From where the visitors goes after they gone into a certain site
All of the above data are collected by Alexa Toolbar only, so if  a user visit a certain site with Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser it will be collected by their servers and analyzed it and put the summary on every sites public alexa rank portal same as you can see on TheBlogServices Alexa Rank here

So, the Big Question is How Alexa Toolbar will Results to Higher Alexa Ranking of a Site?

For an instance your site Alexa Ranking is 20,000,000... If you use Alexa Toolbar and browse your site regularly your alexa ranking will be less than 9,000,000 after quite sometime, then if some of your friend visit your site with Alexa Toolbar Installed to their browsers, your ranking will be less than 5,000,000. 

As a blogger and a webmaster installing Alexa Toolbar is a must if you are interested in giving your site a good alexa ranks. To install alexa tool  for Google Chrome visit here, for Firefox visit here, and for Internet Explorer visit hereCurrently, you can only use this toolbar only with Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Make sure you're using updated version of each browser to ensure proper data recording by alexa will be gathered. 

Don't forget to inform your friends about advantages of alexa toolbar. Because the more people visit your site with alexa toolbar, the higher will be your ranking you site can get.

Advantages of Alexa Rankings

  • Alexa Rank can be used as a competitive intelligence tool; but as webmaster your should take into consideration the fact that its sample size of audience is too small because most people using internet don't use alexa toolbar.
  • It helps every Webmasters and Advertisers to see the true marketing potential of your Website. The better your Alexa rank, the higher they will be willing to bid to buy advertising space on your Website.
  • This might lead to a cycle where a site gets enough advertisement and/or marketing support to facilitate web traffic, as a result, raising their Alexa and search engine rankings.
  • Alexa provide webmasters with valuable information concerning their website’s viability. The main factors proving a site’s viability include its web exposure via SEO, daily web traffic and even the construction of the site itself.

Disadvantages of Alexa Rankings

  • Ranking depends on the Alexa toolbar only
  • All users of the World Wide Web may not have installed the Alexa toolbar
  • The small sample size wherein it is depending on who has installed all the Alexa toolbar around the world, there can be a lot of sites that get a lot of traffic, but still not ranked with alexa
  • Different pages within a domain and sub-domains are not classified separately by alexa
  • While ranking on the internet site factors such as SEO background is not taken into account
  • The Alexa Ranking System can be manipulated


As a blogger, specially with blogging related niche, good alexa rank is a must wherein you can measure how popular your site is. Almost all webmasters knew this facts about alexa ranking process, as a result; if your site is really popular ins search engines you will got a good alexa rank together with high google pagerank. If a site have high alexa rank, try to get their site link (like "theblogservices.net" without a quote) and search it on google and see their search results if you can see a good search appearances like the image below that indicates good On-Page-SEO and H1 Costumization.

You can try also to search the title of their every blog post (eg; "Using Alexa Toolbar will Results to Higher Alexa Ranking" without a quotes) on Google Search if it will show on 1st -5th pages of search results, if you can see their blog post by searching their blog post title on google, most probably they are good in SEO wherein you cannot easily deceived search engines. Take note that having a good google search appearances will take time and efforts.

If you have any queries or you want to share your thought about this article just post your comment below, thanks
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