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About The Author of  Islamworld Religion of Peace

Blog Name: Islamworld Religion of Peace
Name of the Blog Author: Muhammad hammad kazmi
Age: 25 years old
Location: Pakistan
Nature of Work: Online Freelancer/Blog Writer , web developer
Hobbies: Watching Movies , Writing articles/stories and updating blogs daily

About Muhammad hammad kazmi Blogging History

I am blogger since January 2008, I started with working on many websites as a moderator on forums etc. I have a great passion about latest updates about blogging related things. So I thought of starting my own website about fun related things. First experience was not so good because I was totally a noob in web development and blogging related things.

As the time passed I became a devil in blogging and now I have got a good blog. I always have an eager to learn new things that’s why I daily update my websites. I get into this business for learning in the start. I joined ads network very late and started earning decent to fulfill my daily needs about some $. I never thought before that I can really earn from my blogging work that can support me in this way.

The most awesome moment about blogging was when I got my first payout from Google AdSense. that was about 100 usd. But after that I moved to other ad networks after adsense got so many  updates and restrictions. ahhh bad me. I tried other ad networks like chitika , yield manager bla bla and many others but didn't got any luck. But testing new things is always better ;) and now I am earning from different resources and ad networks on my blog.

Contact information
Blog Homepage: http://www.islamworld.pk

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I'm Frank from Philippines. born on July 20, 1986 Author of www.theblogservices.net. I was a blogger since July 2010, I have a great passion about blogging and all other stuff online. Follow Me on Google+ or Like our official FB Page HERE

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