Tips to Increase Blog Traffic via Facebook Fanpage and Group
Facebook is estimated to have more than 2 Billion users for this year 2014 from sources that can be found on Google, this is not impossible. With my calculation, 95% of businesses all over the world use Facebook to promote their businesses online. On this article I will be discussing to you my Tips to increase your blog traffic using Facebook, specially via Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups. I know most of online marketers know a lot of tricks on how to gain popularity using Facebook and this huge social network will surely drive thousands of visitors on your blog. I used Facebook since I started creating blogs and I continue using this platform until now.

Dealing with facebook issues is a good thing to know. And if you know how to make use of facebook buttons, not just the visible ones, but those that can be used for setting purposes is a good way for you to manipulate your facebook account in such a way that it could be beneficial to your blog. You need traffic for your site and this is the reason why you should make use of facebook fanpage and group because this is where people connect with each other. Imagine the potential.

For the month of December 2013 my blog got its biggest traffic source from Facebook, I will show you the secret on how I gained this huge Facebook traffic on my blog.

Here are the Tips to Increase Blog Traffic via Facebook Fanpage and Group

1. Create and Complete your Facebook account to be used on generating Facebook traffic on your blog. Consider your goals for creating good Facebook profile. If you want to use it as a tool to drive lots of traffic to your blog you need to make sure that your profile includes the information to support your blog contents or blog niches.  You must carefully add decent and encouraging types of photos, videos, and personal interests to your Facebook profile. 

 Create and Complete your Facebook account

2. Next thing to do is to make a lot of Facebook friends that are relatively active and related to your blog niches (max of 5k friends per facebook users only). Adding persons you know personally will increase Facebook engagement on your Facebook post related to your blog. Do not add or removed those Facebook friends you have that are against or do not like your way you use your Facebook, sometimes negative comments on your Facebook post drives more traffic and may gain interest by others to read about what you and your Facebook friends are talking about, but this may result with conflicts and discouragement on you side. so avoid them or block them, okay.. Build your facebook community as friendly as possible.

make a lot of Facebook friends

3. Create your Own Facebook Group and Join other Facebook Group related to your blog niche. Take note that you can create a facebook group for any topic or any reason on Facebook for free, then invite people to join it. Search for groups related to your blog's topic, and then join those groups and get active in the conversations in those groups to build trust and interest on your Facebook profile. If you can find groups that have thousand, hundred thousands or million of members that is best ground to gain lot of traffic on your blog. I have list of Facebook groups that have 100k+, 200k+, 300k+ or 1M+ where you can join and share your blog post. 

Below are the Links of Facebook Groups with 1M+ members
(Use only Firefox or Chrome to see the Links)
Create your Own Facebook Group and Join other Facebook Group related to your blog niche

You can access those list of Facebook group with lot of members. Make sure not to Spam those groups with many links because you site link will be blocked by facebook and make it a spam link wherein your will loose your blog traffic from facebook forever, so it is advisable to use shortening links on sharing your blog link on facebook to avoid being mark as spam by facebook.

4. Create a Facebook Page and Become a Fan of other Facebook Pages. If you are not familiar with facebook fanpage you must read more about it because Facebook page is another great way to get huge blog traffic. You can become a fan of existing Facebook pages but make sure to search for those related to your blog niche or topic and then join the conversations on that fanpages using your fanpage as a commentator on specific fanpages because this will surely invites liker and visitors of your fanpages thus increasing your blog traffic. Facebook pages can only be created by official representatives for a company, brand or celebrity and even for blog or website owners. Go ahead and create a Facebook page for your blog and it is recommended to create fanpage username using your blog domain like what I did on my blog fanpage fb.com/theblogservices.net. Then be sure to feed your blog's content into your Facebook page status updates and continually add interesting information to it to keep the conversations going. As facebook news feed updated last Dec 2013, avoid posting links on your main facebook wall because this will not be seen by your fanpage liker, post only words content of post then just post the link on the comment of that post for it to shown on your facebook fans news feed.

Create a Facebook Page and Become a Fan of other Facebook Page

5. Invite Friends to like your Fanpage and Encourage them to Join your Facebook Group. After you have created a fan page, invite all of your facebook friends to like your page and encourage them to invite their friends to like it too. It is the main thing of Facebook traffic. If someone likes your page, he or she will get a feed when you share your posts in your fanpage (avoid posting link on your fanpage update, just add the link on comment). And when he or she will like your post, his or her friends will also get a notified about the link she/he like or commented with. So, there is high chance that his or her friends will also like your posts and your fan page. So, try to get Likes for your page as much as possible, you can starts it with this blog fanpage here. You can send your friends messages or ask them to share it with their friends too. But, don’t be crazy to do it, Otherwise it will be detected as spamming and you cannot share your fanpage links anymore on facebook message or even on your facebook wall. 

Invite Friends to like your Fanpage and Encourage them to Join your Facebook Group

Take note the there are Things to Avoid About Using Facebook Fan page, Facebook Group

Hope you learned a lot with this article, If you have further queries or you want to share your tips to increase blog traffic using facebook fanpage or group just post your comment below, thanks
The Author

I'm Frank from Philippines. born on July 20, 1986 Author of www.theblogservices.net. I was a blogger since July 2010, I have a great passion about blogging and all other stuff online. Follow Me on Google+ or Like our official FB Page HERE

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  1. Great Tips :-) I will apply this on my facebook marketing :-)

    1. Go and apply it.Thanks for leaving a comment..

      PS: avoid adding your blog link on every blog comments, you can be penalized by google in doing that and you may disappear on google search. a friendly reminder...

      Happy blogging!

  2. Great post. You’ve mentioned really good

    points. It helped me a lot. Thanks for

    sharing the information…:-D

    1. Your Welcome. I'm glad it helps you.. Happy Blogging!

  3. Good suggestions for the front end of the blogging process, but promotion is still the key on the backend to driving more traffic..I think there are many other factors have come in importance when we talk about SEO to increase traffic. i think getting natural backlinks is tough so it is better not to be dependent on this. I am using some of your techniques that you mentioned above and i am getting good results too. Like i did exactly as you said and after 10 days of reading this post , i am writing here that yes!! my traffic increased. Thanks for your post.Social media is still a key and better than blog commenting.http://bestofshayari.blogspot.in/2014/03/11-inspirational-life-quotes-for.html

  4. I was dived here after you posted this link to a Facebook group you administrate, after reading this article i only had one question.. is Facebook traffic not bad to search engines? or does it affect or hurt your adsense earnings? please i need a quick response. TIA...
    Kapamilya Scoop

    1. no its not bad on search engines based on my experiences, it won't affect your adsense earnings but expect less click rate on the traffic generated from Facebook. Generally, its for additional traffic or earnings

  5. Wow thousands of views coming from facebook, never expected and thought that kind of views! I guess need to concentrate on facebook promotion