What is Google DoubleClick AdExchange or so called AdX Program
Let me ask you this: have you heard about an adnetwork that offers Google AdX Program? Maybe yes, maybe no and I would like to tell you the good news that this article is about to unveil an information that you need to know that has something to do with AdX Program. The thing is there are so many adnetworks that are offering this AdX program by google adsense and this is your chance to know about them.

Personally, I have tried so many adnetworks that offer AdX program and I will discuss them to you for the benefit of information. And I would like to tell you that those are great adnetwokrs and my experience really paid off. All we need to do now is make sure that the program that we are entering really pays. Because if this is not so, our labors are definitely in vain. With proper knowledge and investigation of a particular program by means of reviews and other tutorials online such as this, you will surely benefit. So, I advise you to keep reading. And you are privileged to be in this page to learn about them. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

What is Google AdX Program?

Google AdX is a premium version of AdSense that is exclusive to large websites with millions of unique users and google have partnership with all other adnetworks around the world. AdX has access to the largest online advertisers in the world that pay the largest CPMs up to $7+ CPMs. Some of website that have more than 30M+ views per month are qualified to be part of google adsense AdX Program.

How to Join Google AdX Program?

If you have Adsense account with good standing with adsense, then you will get an invitation from them to upgrade your account into their AdX program, or if you own an Adnetwork with good number of publishers you can join or apply for this program and sell your AdX on to your publishers. As a blogger we can only join this Adx Program by joining those adnetworks that offers this program in partnership with premuim adsense Adx program.

Here are the List of Adnetworks that Offers Google Adx Program

1. Addynamo: They only send invitations to their publishers with good number of unique visitors, once you are invited you can signup for special link that will be given via email only. Approval may take 2-3 business days. You will not be notified if you are approved but mostly you will notice that your ads will become adsense which an indication that you are approved with Addynamo Google Adx program.

2. Chitika: Mainly, they are automatically serving Google Adx ads (adsense) as soon as your site reached Bronze and Gold Level Domain on their system, you can check your site if its already on bronze or Gold level domain on your chitika dashboard under domain section. You will surely get bronze or gold level domain if your blog is having a good number of unique visitors, good alexa ranks (300k or better) and with lot of active commentators.

3. Kryptoads: This adnetwork mainly used Google Adx ads wherein your ad banners installed on your site will mostly shows adsense ads. They are offering CPM rate of about 0.05$-0.12$ which is low compared to other adnetwork that can give up to 1.5$ cpm rate.

4. MadAdsMedia: You an join this adnetwork only if you have alexa rank of 1M or better and you can only be invited with their Google Adx program if your site have alexa rank of 300k or better with country rank from USA. You will received an invitation where you can signup for google adx program and will get notified within 2-3 working day if you are approved or not. Once you are approved with madadsmedia adx program partnership you can earn up to 1.5$ cpm from them.

5. Nuffnang: In order for you to be invited to join their Google Adx program you must be first be their Glitterati level Publishers. You will be invited via email to join this program and will be notified as soon as you are approved.


Most of adnetworks now a days are joining this Google Adx Program where they can maximized their earning and their publishers revenue also. You can try all of them and choose which best suite your site for higher earnings. Most of blogger's experiences about those adnetworks are different, so better to give it a try for every adnetworks listed above. Good luck everyone, Happy Earning!

If you have further queries or if you want to share your experiences about Google Adx Program offered by those Publishers listed or not listed above just post your comment below, Thanks
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