February 8, 2014 at around 2:00 am. This blog was put on Locked Blogs status due to malware attack. The detection was made by google webmaster from the ad code of Madadsmedia. There was a reported hacking of it 12 hours after the locking of the blog. This is so frustrating in the sense that a blog like this has consumed a lot of efforts from the owner.

You might have this kind of experience that is why this article will help you eradicate the pestering malware from your blog. We all know that malware has been a problem ever since not just by blog owners but also by ordinary computer users. The key here is restoration. You should restore what has been affected because of its importance.

Read between the lines and you will know what to do just in case you are facing or you will face this kind of problem. With proper knowledge on malware detection and eradication is very helpful to you. Do not let this pestering virus shun your momentum in making money online. You have a lot to learn and you have a lot to share to your friends and anyone who is involved in this kind of business.

Malware Detected and Locked Blogs on Blogger Blog the Solution

When you open your blog using any browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) you will then see a malware warning that prevents you to proceed in viewing a certain site that was detected and marked as having malware same as the image shown below.

Malware Detected

Once your site has been marked with malware you must take serious actions to removed the malware on your site and request review on your site using your google webmaster for that warning will be gone when someone view your site. This malware detection may cause your blog to be on Locked Status that will be unlocked only once the malware problem has been resolved on your webmaster account.

Here's the Step-by-Step Process to Resolved Malware Detected and Locked Blogs

Step 1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard then check which blog of yours are locked.

Step 2. Click Request Unlocked Review on the left portion of locked blog and follow the steps indicated.

Step 3. Login with your webmaster account and check on Security Issues to see the details of malware detection, in my case this is due to Madadsmedia ads code.

Step 4. Request review on your site.Mmake sure you identify the malware sourec and you already removed it before requesting review.

Step 5. Wait for the review within 24hrs, once the review is completed and no more malware detected, you can contact blogger support groups for your blog to be unlocked, but usually they will removed your blog unlocked status within 2days upon resolving malware issue on your google webmaster. The attacked of malware was published here

Here is the screenshot of email from Madadsmedia confirming that they were hacked that proferate the malware in some of their Publishers including this blog.

If you have further queries or you want to share your experiences about malware issues or locked blogs, just post your comment below. Thanks
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  1. what will i do if my blog deleted by the blogger, like cara ririn website from indonesia

    1. For that case, if blogger deleted your blog and you believe that you did not do anything wrong, you can contact them for appeal to recheck your blog again, there are lot of blogs that was deleted by blogger for this past few days and most of them are now back online. Just follow the link on the article above to reach out for blogger support team and surely they will assist you. Hope this info helps you...

    2. That why i don't see you use this ads again.

    3. I switched to adversal for the mean time, due to higher cpm rate priorities.

    4. But you already remove adversal and back to chitika? May i know why? Opps..you already remove chitika and back to adversal..how fast. Actually, i still blur and following up you. How about the infolinks. It look frustrated for me and i see you also remove it.

    5. There is no constant earnings with chitika and infolinks on this blog, I am using IZEAMEDIA and adversal for the mean time. I will used those adnetworks which have higher earnings based on my blog traffic. Butt, I am still using all of them on my other blogs. The cpm rates is always based on quality of your blog traffic, so if one adnetwork don't give good earnings removed them and replace with other adnetwork with good earning rates.