Bloggers like us who are planning to apply for adsense adnetwork must maintain at least 300 word count per post in order to be approved. There are webmasters and bloggers who are making use of youtube hosted adsense accunt for blogspot domains but this is not applicable with custom domains for you need a higher level of improvement when it comes to its onpage because adsense is more concerned with how your blog is customized that has complied with their standard.

One of the standards of adsense network is the word count. The thing is, adsense is concerned whether the particular content is legit or not. We are not talking about whether it is original or not, since there are also articles that are original but do not meet the requirement of adsense due to its length. And I advise you to consider the length of your post in order to have a higher chance of getting approved in adsense network. You should have atleast 300 words per post. And this can only happen if you have a word counter and character tool. These are the things that you need to be accurate with your number of words. I say, it pays to be accurate.

Character and Word Counter Tool.

Character Counter Tool
This tool counts how many characters you have in specific words and spaces you will paste on he box. Just copy and paste any words you want to count the characters then click "Click to Count Them" button below the box.

Word counter tool
This tool counts every words you paste inside the box and give you the calculated number of words. Just Copy and Paste the words you want to count on the box below then click "calculate words" to count the words.

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