Writing an article can be interesting. Now you have those ideas with you penned down to your blog for the world to read. Though the thought is already there, it is still necessary for you to give a glimpse of the content of your blog through images. The thing is it is so important in a blog post. There are readers, whether we like it or not, who are into images and once the article is represented by a good image that is the time for the reader to read it. Well, this is sometimes the case.

Adding an image to your blog is easy if you are using Blogger platform. The good thing about Blogger is that everything is prepared for you to click. Blogging is easier now with this platform and if you would like to add an image, just click on the insert image button at the top of the post of the post that you are writing. In case you do not know where is the insert image button just place the cursor on the several buttons to choose from and a label of each button will appear. Once the insert image button is shown, that’s the time for you to click it and you will be allowed to insert an image to your blogpost.

Benefits of Adding Images on Blog Post

After clicking on the add image, you will then be prompted to upload an image from your computer, choose from your blog, pick from picassa web albums, from your mobile phone, from your webcam or from a URL to upload photos. It depends upon your preference and the easiest way is to upload from your computer so make sure that the image that you would like to put in your article is accessible.

Once the image already appeared in your blog, you can resize and reposition it by clicking the image first then several options will appear. With regards to the size of the image you can choose small, medium, large, x-large and original size. And if you want to reposition it, you can either choose left, center or right. You can also add caption, edit properties or remove the image if you want to. Once you have made changes to your post, it will take effect immediately and will appear the way you wanted it to be when you publish or update the article.

If you are going to post an article on a certain site, say, a social networking site, normally the image that you have inserted will first appear. This image represents the article that you have written. Mind you, if you have a good image representation of your article, it would be more interesting for the reader to read it. As much as possible when you put an image it should be original but in case you cannot avoid putting somebody’s image, you should cite your source in order to avoid copyright infringement of the image. Images are essential part of your article. Make use of this properly.
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