I have already discussed to you the easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to sign up with Triberr and it’s good thing that you are only to make use of your social networking site account such as Twitter and Facebook and during the tutorial, I have suggested that you make use of your Twitter account and this is related to what we are going to discuss today. If you are new to this, you can probably, check the previous article, though it will also be nice if you will continue reading to further have a grasp of what Triberr is all about. This will answer all the most asked questions about this social network related blogging platfrorm.

An In Depth Understanding of Triberr to Gain Huge Blog Traffic

Triberr: It’s Nature and Importance

Let me just go directly to the very core of Triberr since I don’t want to stay any longer discussing the basics of Triberr in terms of introduction. The only thing that you need to know is that in Triberr, you are making use of this social media blogging platform to display your post and let your co-tribes decide if they are going to share your post. And just like a social media thing, it gets commented, liked, etc.

Triberr, maybe not known to all is very important if your goal is to promote what you have written through blogs. The thing is it is more than social media because imagine the potential of what you have shared and posted to reach a mile because of the good content and the number of the members of the tribe that you have joined not to mention the Twitter account that has so many followers. You have to calculate the figures and you will notice that there is a multiplication of sharing of what you have conceived in mind and put it into blog.

Join the Right Tribe and Increase Triberr Reach

In Triberr, there are so many joining activities and you have to understand that belonging to a tribe doesn’t guarantee you of increasing your Triberr reach; joining the right tribe is. There should be relevance to what you are about to share and the nature of the tribe. It is not bad to join as many tribes as you can as this is also a kind of strategy that will enlarge your circle and opportunity to meet others that have the potential to lift you up. You only have to bear in mind that relevance matters and see to it that the tribe that you are joining is beneficial to you or not.

Get Promoted To Member

The desire of each Triberr user is to get promoted. In the early phase of Triberr membership, you will start to wander in the dark on how things get done. You will surely request promotion and this is essential. I can say that if you have this kind of plan crossed in your mind, do it and give way to it. Put yourself in the radar although not all will accept you. There are chiefs who are kindhearted who will promote you right away and there are some who don’t, as what I have said, at least you are in the radar and when you are there, there are unexpected things along the way. Just share and share and do not neglect communicating with the chief. Making use of the Triberr plugin is also a very essential strategy.

Building a Tribe

After being a member of a tribe, you will surely think of building your own. And this is now the beginning of your advancement in using the said social media/blogging platform. Well, the technicalities are for you to discover and I would like to give you some hints on how to do this successfully. Look at the reaches of the people that you invite, they should be large.  Leaving a few spots open is also good. There are groups or people that you are not a member of, target them. Look at what happened after you consider these brilliant ideas.


Triberr can be your sharing platform since once your shared posts are there they will remain passive until such time that they will get discovered. Do not lose patient in doing so, you will reap in the end.
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