In every blog that aims to create quality contents for the readers, there should be a transparency of information of the writers. Well, it is not bad to have a penname as others are more comfortable doing this, but it is still essential for you to give your readers a glimpse of who you are in real person and not over the net. This will make them confident of who you are and what your purposes in creating the blog are. In this article, I will discuss to you the importance of putting “About” page on your blog. You will soon realize that writing online is not different from writing offline, say, newspapers, magazines, tabloids, etc.

In order for us to know the purpose of “About” page, we first need to understand its nature. Normally, we put pages for important matters of the site such as disclaimers, privacy policy, about, etc. And one of the most important pages that you should not neglect putting in your site is the “About.” This will be the reference of the readers and this can also be their portal towards communicating with you and discussing the issues concerning your site and your contents.

What is Blog About Page and Its Importance?

The “About” page normally contains the name of the site, description, purpose, ideals, history, origin, etc. By putting the right information on the “About” page, you will definitely give your site a good credential and higher chance to become famous and be recognized. You can put in the “About” page your image and in case there are multiple writers and contributors on your site, you can also put them all and describe them on the “About,” unless you have created a separate page for that purpose. The highlight of the “About” page is your contact information but there are bloggers who are still putting “Contact” page aside from this. Well, it’s really up to you. about page

There are so many benefits of putting “About” page on your site. As what I have said, your readers will increase in confidence towards you if you do this. They will have a feeling of being secured visiting your site and relying on each information that you post. By putting your image, the confidence gets stronger that is why it is advised.

Another benefit is that you will have business opportunities randomly. There are advertisers who are so particular with the veracity of information of the contents and also the writers. Make sure that you are putting the right information in your “About” page so that you won’t miss any opportunity when it comes. Most blog “About” pages are found below the header or on sidebars. It depends upon the template and format of the site.
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