One of the things that you need to consider being a blogger is putting organization in your blog. You have to consider your blog as your home and those who would like to visit this should find something organized in it. Reality speaks that the more disorganized our blog has become, the more we will be able to achieve high bounce rate. With proper blog categories and labels, you will be able to achieve the organization that you need in your blog. But first let us understand them.

When we say categories, this is the umbrella of each and every article of your blog. To understand this easily, let me give an example. Going to Paris, Homesickness and travel sickness, exploration, etc. all belong to “travel” category. The reason for this is that they speak about a certain topic which is their common denominator. This is the binding factor of several articles. Putting blog categories will help your readers browse easily on their preferred categories. Let us accept the fact that each and every reader differ in terms of taste in articles.

What is Blog Categories and Labels?

Important things that you need to consider are labels and you will be able to encounter this one when you write a Blogger article or post. Labels are similar to “tags” on other platforms. These are keyword-type words placed on the blog that is essential to SEO. The search engine will detect the labels that you put on your blog and that will be the determining factor of your article when it comes to ranking them on a certain search engine. A good placement of label on your article will help your blog improve in terms of ranking that is why you should not neglect this one. Also, if you are going to promote your site through submissions, you will be asked to put the labels and this is the reason why you have to take note of them.

In setting up your blog, you should have a widget for your labels and categories. Setting up of label widgets differ in each and every platform but the concept is the same. If you are good at setting up by means of putting a drop down effect on each category menu, it would be better. Sometimes it depends upon the themes that you have chosen and sometimes you will be the one who will do this manually. You should see to it that the placement of each category and label is in the most strategic part of your blog. You can also include the post count on your categories if you want to.

There are so many things that organization in terms of categories and labels can do to your blog. You should learn them so that you will not spend money asking for a web designer’s help.
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