About TheBlogServices

TheBlogServices is a Popular Blog where people learn how to "Make Money Online" through Blogging as Publishers, Freelancing and Affiliate Marketing. It focuses largely on topics concerning Blog Designing, Web Hosting, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Online Jobs, Social Media Tips, Ad-network Reviews, Product and Company Reviews, and Featuring Bloggers.

Our Audience and Readers

Our readers and users who are interested in blogging and earning opportunities online came from all over the world. We all knew that blogging is popular in countries like United States, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and others and these are the location of our viewers. This blog has over 7K+ backlinks as per Ahrefs and with Alexa Global Rank of 64k+ with specific Alexa Ranks in Countries as follows;

CountryPercent of VisitorsRank in Country
United States Flag  United States31.6%28,023
Philippines Flag  Philippines28.2%554
India Flag  India16.0%27,585
Pakistan Flag  Pakistan9.6%7,310
Canada Flag  Canada2.0%45,074
Indonesia Flag  Indonesia1.4%57,500
Malaysia Flag  Malaysia1.1%23,583
Greece Flag  Greece0.7%27,234

This blog makes use of natural and organic SEO to drive traffics that are relevant. Our articles are written in high quality form and it is not our tactic to pay for advertisements just to allow visitors to land on our pages. We would like to see to it as much as possible that visitors are able to visit our site because of utilizing its contents for their benefit and this is where usefulness and relevance of contents are apparent and we can take pride of. We connect with other blogs that are similar to our niche. Many could find our website through search engine searches and this can be done by using the right kind of keywords. We advise you to search for without spaces on search engines and see the result.

We have the following Statistics as of January 2014
Traffic Stat (Based on Google Analytics)
Page views: 2,912,008
Visits: 828,721
Unique visitors: 605,478
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:05:34
Page/Visit: 2.31
Traffic Source Percentage;
  • Direct traffic (29.82%)
  • Search engines (41.17%)
  • Referring Sites/Social Media (29.01%)
Visitors percentage: New visitors (73.06%), Returning Visitors (26.96%)

Blog stat of TheBlogServices
Blog posts published: Since June 2013
Google indexed pages: 2,640 pages
Google Pagerank: PR 0
Alexa Rank: 64,077

Social Networks of TheBlogServices
Twitter Followers: 6,174+
Google Plus Circle: 2,377+
Facebook Page Likes: 11,368+
Facebook Group Members: 1,500+
Google Plus Recommendations: 749+

Who are our recommended advertising partners?
We believe that the following types of advertisers will benefit the most on our blog:

1. Franchising companies
2. Business consulting firms
3. Business, management and marketing training providers
4. Business schools
5. Make money blogs and websites
6. BPO firms
7. Business tools and software providers
8. Telecommunications
9. Banks and other financial institutions
10. Insurance companies
11. and other advertisers who target business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, managers, leaders and all online users who involve themselves in money online opportunities.

How to advertise with us?

We are currently offering the following advertising packages:

PREMIUM BANNER Above all post 728 x 90 Top Center (Above the Fold)
1/1 available Above all post to attract readers 

SIDE BANNERS [LARGE] 300 x 250 Top Right (Above and Below the Fold)
2/3 available Just below Subscription Box or Below Popular post to give your Ad more attention.

ABOVE EVERY POST 468 x 60 Center  (Above the Fold)
1/1availableJust at the top of every post to attract readers 

SIDE BANNERS 160 x600 Right Middle (Below the Fold)
1/1 available Just at the top of every post to attract readers 

SIDE BANNERS 120x600 Right Middle (Below the Fold)
1/1 available Just at the top of every post to attract readers 

BELOW AUTHOR 300 x250 Right Bottom (Below the Fold)
1/1 available Just at the top of every post to attract readers

Why purchase for 1 year?

Our site’s traffic, ranking, popularity and number of followers are increasing every month. Thus, we might also decide to increase our price every other month. If you buy for 1 year, you will get the same discounted price for a year. That’s a lot of savings!

NOTE: We will only accommodate 10 advertising partners. Currently 8 out of 10 slots are available. This is in a first come first serve basis. Prices are convertible to current foreign exchange rate. All business partner applicants and business review requests are subject to prior review before approval.


For banner advertising
1. Banner image file or URL of the image file (size depends on the chosen ad and subject for review and approval)
2. Ad URL (website to visit when banner is clicked
3. Title of the Ad
4. Alt text (text shown when banner is hovered)
5. Title and description

We accept payment through Paypal or Philippine payment processor (Banks, remittances etc)

To get started and for ads placement prices, please email us @

Note: We reserve the right to reject inappropriate ad submission that doesn’t fit into our website. We also reserve the right to change prices after agreed advertising term has expired.