I'm Franklin from the Philippines, born on July 20, 1986, and the Author of Theblogservices.net.  I’ve been blogging since July 2010 and I have a tremendous passion about this and other online stuffs. I learned blogging by researching various online developing resources that equipped me with the right amount of knowledge so that I will be able to share them to you as well.

With so many things that I knew so far I learned most of all, and I should say this is quite an achievement, the basics of coding and blog designing. I created a lot of blogs already and I want to make more quality contents that made me register Theblogservices last October 11, 2013. The blog focuses on blogging-related tutorials and other online opportunities.  I am dedicated to making my blog contents accurate and updated as much as possible for all of you.

History of this Blog and The Author

Year 2010
I learned blogging in 2010 and started this as a hobby – simply just for fun.

December 2011

One of the most memorable moments in my blogging career took place by the year 2011 when I was involved in a big time online earning opportunity using my Facebook account to earn Real Money online in collaboration with 10 friends of mine and that made us earn a pretty penny. This is something to remember.

March 2012
I started building a group of 15 people that made up my team. We worked together for almost 2 years and earned a lot of money beyond our expectations.

June 2013
This is quite a waterloo for me and my team. My business shunned for a moment because of the shutting down of one of the famous online money processors called “libertyreseve” and that included the company where we were working. The issue that we knew was bankruptcy but that is just a part of the story. Some were untold for privacy sake.

Why am I telling you my story about online earnings?
Because I want you to be inspired and be a successful blogger in the near future.

June 15, 2013
This is probably a day that I can’t forget because this is the time when I decided to become a fulltime blogger with my best friend. We met one day in my house and discussed about blogging with a vision that we will be earning in 3-5 months due time if we are going to start building blogs.

Weeks later, after making a thorough research about blogging, I created instantly 3 blogs with entertainment niche. With these entertainment related blogs, I learned how to do a lot of coding and practiced a lot of tricks in blogging. With this, it pushed me to create this blog which was formerly known as www.theblogservices.blogspot.com and started creating tutorials about blogging and other related stuff based on what I learned from reading and personal experiences.

October 11, 2013
This is something “serendipity” by nature. I accidentally discovered a keyword related to blogging and that brought my blogspot domain on top of the list of Google search. During that time, my blog posts were becoming popular and that compelled me to read about SEO and application afterwards. October 11, 2013 is the birth of www.theblogservices.net – a custom domain that made me explore a lot of possibilities regarding ad-networks that really made me generate a lot of earnings. Once I learned about them, I created reviews highlighting so many things about them for the sake of the readers.

November 3, 2013
This was the day I got my first big time earnings from a collection of ad-networks I got involved with for the past 5 months. This time I decided to focus more on blogging and exerted a lot of efforts to get attention for adnetworks and built traffic by making unique and high quality articles.

Dec 1, 2013
I started promoting my articles in all possible social media portals to gain more readers and subscribers. I created my own Facebook Group and started adding all of my Facebook friends and bloggers that I met online and encouraged them to fully maximize their blogs for higher earnings.

The Blog Services is created for all bloggers out to there to learn how to maximize their earning potentials on blogging. It also aims to educate those who wants learn how to make money online the surest way. I advise you to read between the lines. And if you cannot understand, read again.

Happy Blogging Everyone!